Partition of 1947 that accompanies massive migration, violence, bloodshed and ultimately independence of Subcontinent into two new states, Pakistan and India was one of the biggest historical events of 20th century. It is regarded as one of the largest migrations of the human history when around 14 million people were forcefully displaced from their homes; killing almost 2 million people and many separated from their families. In the memory of these unsung heroes who lost their lives for Independence; we bring to you the colored versions of the grayscale image archives covering these events. We hope these colorful images will show you another angle of the history and it will help you understand these events in a better way. We have used recent advances in deep learning to colorize these photos automatically. Coloring a photo is an ill-posed problem as we try to find three-dimensional colors (RGB) from one-dimensional picture. But, thanks to deep learning, this ill-posed problem can be solved by convolutional neural networks with a vast amount of training data consisting of black and white images and corresponding colored images. One such algorithm is developed by Richard Zhang who used ImageNet consisting of one million images. We have used his paper to colorize these historical images. To see all the colorized images, visit our Photo Archive  


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Muhammad Awais and Dr. Ali Ahmed